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Create the cutest 2D games with this top-down RPG asset pack! This series focuses on a cute 16 bit pixel style with bright colors that will make people want to play your game!

This is an ongoing project that will be updated regularly with lots of content added over time, so let me know if there’s anything specific you want me to create. I want to include you as part of the development of these assets.



  • Adorable rustic environment
  • A slime so cute it could be a pet
  • Polished animations

Planned Features

  • More Characters: Heroes, NPCs, enemies, bosses, etc
  • New Areas: Caves, houses, forts, and more
  • Immersive Content: Maps, UI, inventory


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Free version

  • You can only use these assets in non-commercial projects.
  • You can modify the assets.
  • You can not redistribute or resale, even if modified.

Paid version

  • You can use these assets in commercial projects.
  • You can modify the assets.
  • You can not redistribute or resale, even if modified.

Credit is appreciated but not required (

I would love to play your games, so let me know in the comments if you use these assets!

If you’re one of my Patrons then be sure to link your account to get this and future asset packs included as part of your patron perks!

I have a Discord server where I post about my game development journey and others share what they're working on. 

Rate this project if you enjoy it, so that others can find it too!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(135 total ratings)
AuthorGame Endeavor
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags2D, Cute, Exploration, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Sprites, Top-Down


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Development log


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Hi, do you have a walk left animation for the player?

I couldn't find

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"

You can flip the sprite along the X axis using code

Wow i love this

very cool man 


Hey man, love this asset pack. Great job! I wanted to ask, do you have any plans to develop the features you were hoping to such as UI etc? Curious as the latest development log was back in 2022. Really hoping they do come! One of the best and only packs I've ever purchased. Thanks.


Thank you! You're very kind. :) Yeah, I plan to do more, I've just been focused on my own game. Didn't realize it had been that long, lol. Once I've wrapped my demo up, I'll see about setting some time aside to work on assets for this. :)

It looks really good, but I need it to be cheaper :(
If the prices rises down to 1.99$ I'll buy it right away!!!
Your tutorial is also AWESOME
Thank you mate!

Awesome Assets, I hope my contribution helps fund your passion as yours helps mine

Can I use the free version of this pack for my scratch project? I will leave lots of credits


Fantastic work.  Thank you!

man you got talent.

Thank you. :)


What are the names of the slime animations ?

Would definitely pay for other packs that go well with this one please make more!

Is there a difference between paid and free version?

Paid version includes a more assets than the free version, specifically the better ones.


Thanks for this wonderful pack !

Thank you for the compliment, glad you like it. :)

Deleted 111 days ago

I don't personally, no. I haven't made tutorials in quite a few years. xD It is something I'm considering doing, but I haven't the time for it at the moment. :) There's nothing particularly special about these assets though, any beginner tutorial that teaches you how to use assets should work for these.

Me tira um dúvida, sobre distribuição: posso usar a versão grátis e criar um jogo e compartilhar o jogo feito usando os seus ativos?  (observação: não irei cobrar nenhum tipo de valor pelo jogo)

Yes, you can make and distribute free games using these assets. :)

hey, i was wondering if this pack is still getting updates

Not currently, I'm working on my own game atm.


Hello I was just wondering if you have another asset pack with just more enemies. Thanks

thats a good question ben : )

funny seeing you here


No, just this pack at the moment, though an enemy pack might be the next one I do.

can I use this for something like scratch? ( open sourced but not really “programming”)

I'm not sure how scratch works, but if people are able to download the assets from somewhere else then it counts as redistribution and would not be allowed by the license.

Deleted 129 days ago

Not if it's open sourced. That counts as redistribution.

Deleted 129 days ago

I appreciate your earlier response. If I purchase the paid version of the assets, would I be allowed to upload them to GitHub for my project? I want to ensure that I am fully compliant with the terms of use. Thank you for your time and assistance

I'm happy to answer any questions. :) No, neither of the licenses allow for redistribution.

Hope yo are well.
If I pay for the game, can I have access to the code and assets to use as a foundation for a project that may become commercial one day?


This is not a game, just art assets.


This is a great art pack--I used the free version following DevWorm's Godot tutorial, and expanded on it to make a quality short game. Thank you!

I want to use these assets in a scratch project. I'll release it on Google Play store. It's free($0) so is it commercial or not i don't know


You're fine so long as you're not making money from it, if you only have the free license. :)

Ok Thanks! Will give credit!

Just purchased the pack and planning to release my first game on Itch soon. Thanks for the great work :)

Nice! Thanks for the purchase. Good luck with your game. :)

Deleted 111 days ago

The dirt floor is in sprites/tilesets/plains.png

Deleted 111 days ago

If you pay the required price then you get the commercial license.

Will you add more enemies and weapons?

I plan to in the future, but right now I'm focused on my own projects, so it may be a while. :)

there's a lot of buffer pixels between each sprite. Where do you suggest cutting them so the animations all line up

The character sprites are on a 48x48 grid iirc. :)

I this 16 x 16?

Yes. :)

Amazing work I love all of this and huge inspiration for my work! Take care

The death animations are great, thanks so much for making this and even making it free for everyone! Will definitely be checking out your other work :D

Thank you so much for creating and sharing your great work. I bought your asset pack and I used a lot stuff from it. They harmonize beautifully with other assets in my game.

how do i add this to Godot? I just started and don't know how to do anything

Just study godot. You could use chat-gpt, ask to it how to create a 2d character from a sprite sheet. It will explain every step to you.

Oh wow, this really brings me back to early LoZ times! Even though the style is slightly different, I'm even reminded of my all-time favorite, Secret of Mana :). This looks awesome!

would you be ok with someone making a full on game with your asset pack and publishing it on steam, I'm looking to make a quick put together small rpg and don't want to do any art for myself, this is in preparation for releasing my own huge game on steam, I just want the experience from publish a different one first, I know it says free to use in commercial use but I personally would like your permission before I do so

(1 edit)

The license is my permission, I'm the one who wrote it. :) That's the whole purpose of licenses for anything you use in your game. So long as you have the premium version of the asset pack, you're allowed to use it in commercial products.

Love to see other monster tamer game devs on itch :)

(1 edit)

Very Nice !


Hello this might be a stupid question but is there not a sprite for walking left? 


flip the walking right sprite

I did that Exact thing and felt pretty stupid when I realized that was the solution thank you :)

Olá, estou utilizando o pacote gratuito no meu jogo e me interessei em comprar esse pacote, uma dúvida que eu tenho, algumas atualizações desses pacotes, vc disponibiliza para quem já comprou? Pq gostaria de ter atualizações também, mas no momento fica muito caro para eu poder ficar comprando. Outro detalhe é, que eu gostaria de saber se tem outros modelos de personagem principal? Elevação de aulas essas coisas? Também o seu pacote tem um sistema de atualização de armas e armaduras? Ele muda de cor ou algo do tipo? 

Agora sim vou conseguir terminar o meu projeto, obrigado!

(1 edit) (+1)

Google translate wasn't great this time, so forgive any misunderstandings on my part. I consider this package to be mostly complete. There are still some things I want to add, but I'm mostly focused on my own game at the moment so updates will not be fast. The obscured assets in the free version are meant to show you the difference between free and premium. You don't get any extra files, it just removes the filter, allowing the assets to be used.

It does not feature all of those things, and you're probably not going to find that kind of customization cheap elsewhere because that's a whole lot of work. Way too much for a pack that's only a few dollars. I do apologize that it's expensive for you, but in my currency it's extremely cheap. Like a pack of chewing gum cheap. :)


Purchased <3 It's lovely! 

Thank you very much!

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