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Create the cutest 2D games with this top-down RPG asset pack! This series focuses on a cute 16 bit pixel style with bright colors that will make people want to play your game!

This is an ongoing project that will be updated regularly with lots of content added over time, so let me know if there’s anything specific you want me to create. I want to include you as part of the development of these assets.



  • Adorable rustic environment
  • A slime so cute it could be a pet
  • Polished animations

Planned Features

  • More Characters: Heroes, NPCs, enemies, bosses, etc
  • New Areas: Caves, houses, forts, and more
  • Immersive Content: Maps, UI, inventory


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Free version

  • You can only use these assets in non-commercial projects.
  • You can modify the assets.
  • You can not redistribute or resale, even if modified.

Paid version

  • You can use these assets in commercial projects.
  • You can modify the assets.
  • You can not redistribute or resale, even if modified.

Credit is appreciated but not required (

I would love to play your games, so let me know in the comments if you use these assets!

If you’re one of my Patrons then be sure to link your account to get this and future asset packs included as part of your patron perks!

I have a Discord server where I post about my game development journey and others share what they're working on. 

Rate this project if you enjoy it, so that others can find it too!


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Development log


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Hello! I really love your asset!:) I am currently developing a simple game with your asset using Godot Engine! Thank you.

Thank you! Glad you like it. Good luck with your game. :)

Hey, once again I came back to you Game Endeavour! may I request wildlife NPCs like "Derp Squirrel"

Wildlife sounds like a great idea. I'll add some. not derp squirrel though as that's exclusive to Zoe and the Cursed Dreamer.

Amazing content! Are you considering adding a running and attacking up/down animation? :)

I hadn't considered running, but up and down yes. :)

Bro I'm trying to make some my game on Android, I'm still beginning and I don't know if I can make one but can I ask you? 

so main concept is like an rpgm game, I make it on max2d for Android caused I don't have PC or laptop.. 

So if my game ready and good(my first game), can I publish it on here even I'm using your pack? 

I love 2d pixel art game, and Yap I'm still learning how to make the characters moving... Idk when my project will be done but I hope you understand what I mean, and if you know how to make pixel art on Android tell me oke? 

did you used a mouse or a pen tablet for making all of this ?

A tablet. I find pixel art to be a whole lot easier with a tablet. :)


Where is the Skeleton ????????


Skeleton is part of the premium assets. :)

hey so when i crop the tiles (not just in ur assets generally) i put in the unity editor sprite editor and cut 32x32 (or 16x16, 64x64 etc). When i do this with the charachter (your charachter) it is not right. what to do to cut the player spritesheet corectly?

The characters are 48x48, which I now realize is a little odd, lol. Sorry about that. :)

Hey, does the free version include water tiles? If not, why are there water decorations in the free version?

lol, that's silly of me. I don't know why I included those. No, the free version isn't supposed to have the water tileset. Sorry for the confusion.

Alright, thanks

Does commercial product me its advertised? If not what does it mean


Commercial product means that you're selling it / making money off of it.


Is this compatible with RPGMaker?

What kind of Patron user should it be to get this benefit? :) "If you’re one of my Patrons then be sure to link your account to get this and future asset packs included as part of your patron perks!"

At least the lowest tier gets the benefit, which is $5 atm. However it'd be cheaper to just buy the pack. This is more a perk for my existing patrons. :)

Done. Now I'm a patron :)

Eyyy, thanks for becoming a patron. :D

I need to use it in a project which will be published freely on Android without any revenue (not even a penny) can i use the free version?

Yes, so long as the files from this pack aren't redistrubted (open sourced). :)

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If I have the free version, could I make a commercial game, if the asset is in the files but not used in-game? Also, to avoid confusion, yes, users could see the file, they just wouldn't have a way to use it. 

You can not. The free version can only be used in non-commercial projects.

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Amazing asset, was looking for something i could use for my game and this is the most perfect match i could have dreamt of. Could you if possible add a Axe and spear. with animations for chopping trees and throwing spear? :D That would be amazing. Maybe if you could add beach tiles to the tilesets too. And farming tiles and items :O so many ideas. My art skills is quite the opposite of my programming skills. Please keep on adding to the asset, its gold

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

As a sidenote, i'd be happy to pay extra for these things to be added. Add a animations pack, or tools pack or something. i'll purchase

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Hi, I am create a co-op bundle to celebrate World Environment Day, I want invited you to join, all content related with nature and environment can be join, if you are interested you have join in the follow link:

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!


Hey you are the top 1 game-assets here on itch, well done 😊👍

Oh wow, thanks for letting me know. That's pretty awesome! :D

Hey I just bought you your asset and I'm so happy that I did, Anyways could you please add a shopkeeper and like coins, benches... etc. 'cause that would be a game changer! 

Did I mention how much I LOVE your asset?!!!!

A shop/shopkeeper is a great suggestion, thank you! I'll add it to my todo list. :) I'm glad you like them, thank you for buying it. :D

Cool asset!!!

Thank you! :D


Hey @Game Endeavor, 

Thank you for the charming assets!

If you are taking requests for what to add next, I would love to see the dark side of this beautiful world - the dungeon! I also would be happy to see UI elements, and more particles, e.g. for magic spells.

Dungeons and UI are on the todo list. :) I didn't think of particles, but that's a really good idea. I'll add that to the list, thenk you. Back to the dungeon, is there anything in particular you'd like added?

Bought right away! Was wondering if you're still continuing to add stuff to the pack? I'd love some UI assets like a shop UI.

Thank you! I am, but right now my attention is elsewhere, so it'll be a little bit. :) There's still a lot more I want to add to this over time. UI stuff is very high on my to-do list, so that should be added sooner than later.

Hi Game Endevor, how to contact you to talk about custom sets for my game? Thank you!

Howdy. :) My Twitter DMs are open to everyone, My Discord server is linked on the asset page if you want to join that then DM me, or if you go to the about page on my YouTube channel then you can find my email behind a captcha.

My plate is very full at the moment so I can't promise anything right now, but I'd be happy to discuss it. :)

Thank you for reply.  I'm looking for a pixelart artist to create options for a character that I drew in cartoon style. I do confess I tried but didn't get a good result :) I'll wait you get a time to talk. Thank you!

Deleted 108 days ago
Deleted 108 days ago

Bought your Mystic pack this morning. I am excited to use them in some upcoming videos/projects. Ill post them on your discord for you to see ^^

Thanks for buying it! I look forward to seeing what you make. :)

Great pack, Thanks!  Got sent here from Chris' Tutorials

(1 edit) (+2)

Oh damn, you're Game Endeavor *from YouTube! I've learned so much from your channel. Thanks for all of the tutorials. 


Howdy. :D Thank you for watching them, I'm glad to hear they were helpful. :)


If there is anything I would like. is if you can make the character 8Dimensional instead of only 4. If you create a RPG and you have sprites for 8Dimensional movement and slashing. not only the movement, but also the combat feels so much better. (not neceserry for enemies tho) 

anyone knows how to add the asset to unity?

You have probably already forgotten about this but you should watch this: 

or look at the unity tutorials such as:

Do you have a discord server?

I do. :) I suppose I should put that on my page as well.


Please make this set the start of a series! You have a lovely style, I’d love to see your take on other areas and biomes <3


I plan to do exactly that! :D It'll be the Mystic Woods series and will include things like dungeons and biomes, farming and crafting, whole enemy sets, NPCs, all kind of fun things. :) I'm glad you like the style.

Deleted post
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Can i create a game with this and make it playable for free? This looks so good

suggestion : add destroyable bushes

Yes, and that's a good idea. Thank you for the suggestion. :)

作者能尽快更新嘛,我在9月份的省赛时准备用你的素材,如果可以的话,素材中有格挡和翻滚等动作更好:D   —China

I'm going to use your material during the provincial competition in September. Let me give you a suggestion. The material has better actions such as blocking and tumbling

Thanks for the suggestion. :) I may add those at some point.

Hey! Really nice assets. What's the size of each sprite? Does it contain a padding?

Just starting into game dev and I want to use this :)

Thank you. :) It 16x16 and doesn't have padding.

16x16 pixels? It's more like 50x50 no? I open the png on Gimp

No, each tile is 16x16. 50x50 would be very high definintion for pixel art.

16x16 what?

How many pixels each tile is?

When I load the spritesheet in the game engine, writing 16x16 pixels gives me nothing.

If I write 50x50 pixels I can see the sprite

The tile is 16x16...meaning its only 16x16 pixels. You're not using your art program correctly.

Get a program like Asperite.

bro really thanks I can actually pull off something cool for my college industrial experience program.


Glad you like it. Good luck! :D

Hello, can I use your pack for my game? I'm going to develop for learning purposes and not sell/distribute the game for anyone besides myself, but I would be happy to show you the finished product.

Yes, you can. :) I look forward to seeing it.

Hey there! Would it be possible for me to use the free version in a school project or would that be considered a commercial project?  Thanks in advance.

That would not be considered a commercial project, assuming you're not selling it. :)

Been trying a lot of grass tiles. Yours definately stand out as one of the best out there. Great job!

Thank you!

Thanks! I am using this for prototyping a 2D online PVP game in Unreal 5, looks perfect for what I want to go for.

Nice! :) Good luck with your prototype!

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