Bunny Whallop has just broke free from her prison and needs to escape. Quick! Wall hop to safety. Don't mind the little bunnies along the way, sacrifices must be made.

Note: There are two different types of wall jumps. Moving towards the wall will cause you to jump upward, away causes you to leap out. It's confusing so I will remove it in the post-jam (which will also have more levels, so follow me to get notified! ;D )


Joypad controls suppoerted!

[A] or [←] - Move Left

[D] or [→] - Move Right

[W] or [SPACE] or [⬆] - Jump

[S] or [↓] - Slide Down

If you'd like to keep up with my future game projects then follow me on Twitter. I also make YouTube videos teaching people how to make games using the Godot Engine.

I made everything but the music

Fire Breather - Silent Partner

Development log

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