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Pacifist runs are easier.

The Good:

 The foes all have distinct designs and attacks. 

Your character's abilities are varied yet still sell that this is a beast you're controlling.

The intro made me smirk a little. 

Tentacle beast <3

The Bad:

Enemies can easily be circle strafed, leading to every encounter feeling the same.

The tentacle ability  tends to block my view of enemies, leading to them getting cheap shots.

Your character only flashes when changing from life steal mode. This led to me dashing into bombs without warning, taking sizable chunks of my hp.

 The drums drown out the rest of the instruments while  the rest feel like they're competing for my attention. Even in a relaxed game like this it gets tiring fast.

Verdict:  The game is fun for a few minutes, but not one to return to.